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Meet The UK's First "Midwife Dog"

Meet Belle: A two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, trained to support her owner, Amee, through autism, OCD and anxiety.  Read More »

Why Do Dogs Yawn?

Humans are usually caught yawning when they’re tired. Like before bed, or in that Friday afternoon business meeting after a long week. But did you know that dogs yawn for all kinds of different reasons? Read More »

Why Dogs Get Separation Anxiety (And What To Do)

Did you know one of your dogs biggest fears is being left alone? It’s a common condition called separation anxiety. And it can result in some devastating beh ...Read More »

How To Have A Cracking Christmas With Your Furry Friend

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Trees are being decorated, presents wrapped and turkeys trimmed up. And your dog? Well, I guarantee, is just ab ...Read More »

How To Have An Amazing Halloween With Your Dog

Leaves are falling, nights are getting shorter and pumpkins are ripe. It can only mean one thing… it’s almost Halloween. For dog owners, this is a time where dogs can use an extra bit of assurance that everyt ...Read More »