Does your dog suffer with separation anxiety?

Do you struggle to encourage them to take a car journey without stress?

Do they find it difficult to relax?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’ll know how difficult stress and anxiety can be for your pet.

And you will also want to pay attention to a special ingredient found inside Green tea that can help your dog…

Now we are not suggesting that you brew your dog a cup of tea in the morning…

We are specifically talking about L-Theanine.

First discovered by Japanese tea scientists, it has been proven to reduce anxiety and promote restfulness – in both humans and dogs.

Today we have put together this post for you to tell you what it is, how to get it, and how to use it to see amazing changes to your dogs wellbeing. 

Tea Leaves

What is L-Theanine?

Japanese tea scientists discovered L-Theanine in 1949.

It is an amino acid found in green tea leaves.

Now you may be wondering, what is an amino acid?

Simply put, an amino acid is the building block of a protein. And proteins are the building blocks of every living thing.

Think of it like Lego.

An amino acid is like each individual Lego brick.

They attach together to form a protein, like lego bricks attaching to each other.

And then the proteins attach together to form plants and animals.

L-Theanine is one of the amino acids within the green tea plant.

What does L-Theanine do?

Humans drink green tea to relax and unwind. The key ingredient inside that helps you relax is called L-Theanine. The thing that is extra special about L-Theanine compared to other relaxing ingredients is that it doesn’t cause drowsiness.

L-Theanine taken directly can have even more benefits. Many people find that it reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure and improves moods.

But how does L-Theanine help your dog?

L-Theanine helps dogs to relax in the same way and provides similar results as in humans.

That makes it good for calming down dogs who get stressed and anxious. And because it won’t cause drowsiness, they can still play and enjoy their day.

It can soothe dogs who dislike car journeys, being left alone, or bonfire night.

There is also evidence that L-Theanine can aid restful sleep, which helps if your dog gets unsettled at night.

How does L-Theanine work?

L-Theanine helps soothe anxiety by gently relaxing your dog’s biology in three ways:

  • It boosts levels of brain calming chemicals
  • Brain chemicals that cause excitement and stress are lowered
  • Brain waves that cause wakeful relaxation are enhanced

Because of these changes, L-Theanine can control a dog’s response to stress. The chemicals causing the anxiety are reduced.

Relaxed dog

How can I add L-Theanine to my dog’s diet?

L-Theanine on its own is a great way to improve your dog’s anxiety or restore a state of calm. The recommended dose is between 200mg and 500mg daily depending on the size of your dog.

As L-Theanine is hard to get hold of, the best way for your dog to access it is through food. 

And when L-Theanine is combined with other ingredients designed to help relaxation the results are amazing.

That’s why we put together Relax+Restore at Your Pet Nutrition.

Relax + Restore is an advanced calming formula designed to relax your dog at a base level where balance begins. By using all natural ingredients (with no artificial agents) to help protect against the damage of stress.

Making it an easy way for any dog to relax naturally.

You can learn more about Relax+Restore and it’s breakthrough formula by clicking here.