New pup parents quickly realise they have to learn to become an entertainer.

Puppies take a lot of work to stay out of trouble.

If you’re in quarantine you might are finding yourself playing with your pets a lot more.

Which is amazing. Because playing with our pets is easily one of the most fun things in the world.

Yet a puppies playtime provides many more benefits than fantastic amounts of fun. Playtime builds bonds, releases energy, and alleviates anxiety. For both you and the pup!

However the close quarters of the indoors can be a dangerous place for a new pup.

That’s why we have put together this brief guide to getting the most out of playtime with a new puppy.

It’s designed to be SUPER simple for you and your pet. So you can maximise the fun for both you and them.


Supervising your puppies playtime is essential if you have other pets or younger children in the area. Puppies are full of energy and can accidentally nip or scratch when they are playing.

Understand The Puppies Limits

Puppies are so packed with energy it seems like they can play forever. However puppies do need to rest and do need time to recharge to stay healthy. This is also where nutrition comes into play. Make sure you puppy is getting the right nutrients to fuel all this playtime.

Puppy Proof Your Home

Small objects, food, and precious ornaments are all things you should keep clear of a puppy’s path. Puppies are naturally curious, so taking away any potential dangers is important.

Entertain With Toy & Treats

Puppies have different needs and treat requirements than full sized dogs. When playing with a pup it’s good to recognise that full size toys and too many treats is unnatural for them. Giving them puppy portions and the right size toys will help with their development.

Recognise Their Surroundings

If you have more people in the house than normal rooms can become crowded. While puppies love people, they also like to take time out. Watch their body language to see if they need time to be left alone and rest.


If you remember this brief guide we can assure you that playtime with your new pup will be SUPER!

Once you have the basics down, you might wonder what’s the best way to play with a pup?

Which is a great question.

While they might be small, puppies are incredible learners. And the first few years are so important for brain and behaviour development.

So introducing a wide variety of games helps them learn. It also presents excellent opportunities to introduce training. For examples you could try:

  • An agility course – help them navigate through and around safe objects.
  • A snuffle mat – which will help them search and sniff for food.
  • Puzzle feeder – This will not challenge them when eating food but also helps reduce gas.
  • Commands like find it, leave it, sit, stay, and stop are all good to try out in playtime.

The more you practise these with your dog the better they will get at responding to your commands as well as building up a strong bond.