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How To Keep Your Dog Safe This Autumn

It’s the start of the autumn festive season… Which while being fun for humans, can be a tricky time for your dog.  Trick-or-treaters, ...Read More »

Meet The UK's First "Midwife Dog"

Meet Belle: A two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, trained to support her owner, Amee, through autism, OCD and anxiety.  Read More »

Why Do Dogs Yawn?

Humans are usually caught yawning when they’re tired. Like before bed, or in that Friday afternoon business meeting after a long week. But did you know that dogs yawn for all kinds of different reasons? Read More »

Why Dogs Get Separation Anxiety (And What To Do)

Did you know one of your dogs biggest fears is being left alone? It’s a common condition called separation anxiety. And it can result in some devastating beh ...Read More »

How To Have A Cracking Christmas With Your Furry Friend

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Trees are being decorated, presents wrapped and turkeys trimmed up. And your dog? Well, I guarantee, is just ab ...Read More »