Ever wonder why your feline spends most of the day snoozing away? 

Well, there are a few secrets hidden behind your cat’s professional nap times. 

You see, cats, unlike humans, are naturally crepuscular. Meaning they’re most active during dawn and dusk. 

So, while you’re sipping your morning coffee, your cat might be catching some Z’s after a night of adventures.

But there’s more…

Hunting Instincts

In the wild, cats are predators.  

And hunting requires bursts of energy followed by long periods of rest. 

Now, even though your fluffy companion may not need to hunt for food…

Those instincts are still into their DNA. Meaning they still have a strong urge to rest often. 

Beauty Sleep

Just like humans, cats need quality sleep to stay healthy and alert. 

Often needing up to 12 and 16 hours of sleep per day!

And it’s during that time when their bodies repair tissues and release growth hormones.

What’s more, sleeping helps cats conserve energy for when they need it most. 

Whether that’s for hunting, pouncing on a toy or a playful chase in the garden. 

Cat Naps

It might seem like your cat is constantly asleep…

But actually most cats sleep in short bursts. Having many naps throughout the day.

Often these naps are so light, your cat can stir awake even with the smallest sign of movement or sound – another one of their hunting instincts. 

And of course, this helps keep their energy levels up.

So they can be ready for when adventure strikes. 

Where Should A Cat Sleep?

 Cats can sleep literally anywhere. 

In a box, on the edge of a windowsill, on your lap, even on a pile of fresh washing.

So naturally, you might wonder… Is there a right place for my cat to sleep in?

But cats tend to change their sleep locations a lot. So don’t worry if they don’t use their designated bed that much.

And of course, if they’re uncomfortable, they’ll move elsewhere for sure! 

Sleep Patterns

Every cat is unique, and their sleep patterns can vary based on age, health, breed and personality. 

So it’s always good to take notice of what your cat’s normal sleep patterns are. As any irregularities might be cause for concern. 

But next time you catch your cat curled up in a cosy corner…

Remember they’re just following their natural instincts.



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