Meet Belle:

A two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, trained to support her owner, Amee, through autism, OCD and anxiety. 

Belle has captured hearts by playing a vital role in welcoming a new life into the world…

Showcasing the incredible skills of assistance dogs. 

A Helping Paw in Times of Need

Amee adopted Belle when she was a puppy, and trained her to detect stress and discomfort.

As Amee particularly struggles with crowded and loud environments…

Belle is now an expert at sensing Amee’s distress, becoming an essential part of her life. 

Belle is trained to quickly respond whenever needed, by laying beside Amee.

Offering her soothing presence and comfort

Belle can locate exits from crowds and even press buttons on lifts and doors.

Helping Amee live her life with a confidence she didn’t have before. 

A Journey Through Pregnancy and Beyond

When Amee embarked on her fertility journey, she knew Belle would have her back. 

In fact, Belle was by Amee’s side every step of the way – 

At every scan and every appointment throughout her entire pregnancy.

Belle was even able to distinguish between Amee’s and the baby’s heartbeats.

With her presence, she kept Amee and the baby calm throughout those nine months. 

Seeing this amazing soothing effect … 

Amee’s midwife suggested Belle should be in the maternity ward for the delivery. 

Something that has never been done before in the UK. 

However, Milton Keynes University Hospital was open to the idea and carried out an extensive risk assessment.

To ensure everyone’s safety Belle was thoroughly tested.

And extra cleaning measures were even put in place before and after Belle’s visit. 

Eventually, she was welcomed to the maternity room. 

Making her the first ever dog allowed in a UK labour and delivery ward! 

The Power of Unconditional Support

Belle was able to keep Amee calm, by laying on the hospital bed next to her, as she prepared for birth. 

Belle rested her nose gently near Amee’s bump, listening to the baby’s heartbeat.

She then patiently waited for Amee during her c-section… 

When Olly was born, Belle was the first to meet him and welcome him into this world!

For her amazing accomplishments, Belle was awarded Vet Now’s ‘Pet of The Year’ 2023.

 Amee couldn’t have been prouder: 

“She gave me something else to focus on when everything was happening around me…I couldn’t have done it without her.”

And of course, we can all agree…

From keeping you calm during stressful times, to opening doors, alerting to medical emergencies and even delivering babies…

Assistance dogs are truly amazing at what they do every day to support their owners.

What’s your canine friend’s biggest achievement? 

Are they a selfless hero, a friend in life’s hardest moments, or a helping hand in times of need?

Comment down below and let us know!