It’s that time of year again. Decorations in full swing and a Christmas shopping list as long as your arm.

And when it comes to your pet, it might be hard deciding what Father Christmas will bring them. 

After all, you can’t really ask them to write you a wishlist…

But fear not. We’ve put together the best Christmas gift options for your furry friend. With plenty of ideas, tips and homedays tricks, even for when you’re on a budget…

Pet Advent Calendar

Advent calendars don’t have to be just for humans. This year, why not put together your pet’s very own countdown to Christmas.

This can be as simple as choosing a few of their favourite treats or toys, and offering them one every day after their walk.

If you’d like to make this even more fun, try hiding the treats around the house each day. So your furry friend can enjoy seeking out their festive treasures. 

Be it a little chew, their favourite snack or a new toy to chase around. 

Cosy Winter Bed

Does your dog or cat love snuggling up? Are naps their favourite part of the day?

If so, look no further than a new winter bed

This could be equipped with a fur lining for extra warmth, especially if you live in an area with heavy winters. 

If you want to be more sustainable, you can always wrap a cosy blanket around your pet’s existing bed. To give it an extra layer of warmth and comfort during the cold months. 

And always bear in mind your pet’s individual needs, their size and any skin sensitivities. 

Festive Dental Chews

Perfect for any dog or cat in your life. 

Dental chews are not only delicious and fun for your pet to munch on. But also ideal for keeping their teeth healthy. 

Don’t forget to choose the right type of chew for your pet’s needs, their size and age. As it’s really important to match your pet’s daily calorie intake and mouth size. 

Exciting Toys

Does your dog or cat love being playful? Then a new toy can be just the right gift for them. From twinkly mouse toys for your feline to bouncy balls for your puppy.

The choices are endless…

But if you’d like to make this even more special, and you’ve got the time (or energy!)…Then a homemade toy can be just as perfect. 

One easy and quick option is a t-shirt rope toy. Great for both cats and dogs, giving your pet tons of hours of entertainment. 

In fact, all you’ll need is an old t-shirt. 

Simply cut the top in three long strips, then tie them together in a braid. We recommend using a 100% cotton t-shirt for this. As the natural fibres are more gentle and safer for your pet. 

Use for t-shirts if you’d like to make the rope extra thick. 

Christmas Jumper

You can never go wrong with a festive jumper to keep your pet warm throughout the season. 

But it’s important to choose a cotton jumper which fits your dog or cat well. Make sure it’s not tight and it doesn’t restrict their movement. 

Of course only go for this gift if you know your pet likes jumpers and extra layers. As for some animals, clothes or festive costumes can cause distress or overheating.

Avoid synthetic fabrics or wool, as these can cause irritation and itching. And always supervise your pet when in costumes.

Now, if your pet doesn’t like dressing up, a festive collar can be just as fun and something your pet can get a long use out of.  

The True Meaning Of Christmas

Your dogs and cats are a true part of the family. And Christmas is all about expressing your love with those around you. 

So it’s the perfect chance to treat your pets too. Whether with store bought or homemade gifts. They’re bound to love what you choose. 

After all, seeing them wag their tails or purr with excitement is the best gift anyone could ask for…

And if you’d like to treat them to some of Your Pet Nutrition’s health supplements this season, use the code GIFT20 for a special 20% off.