As a cat owner you’ve probably heard a lot about Feline 40.

This revolutionary new formula is making waves throughout the feline community. 

And here at Your Pet Nutrition we’re overjoyed thousands of cats have already seen their health transformed.  

It’s no wonder so many owners are turning to Feline 40 – its health benefits are unrivalled.

Because its unique combination of 40 super-nutrients is designed to target all 5 pillars of your cat’s health…

  1. Silky Skin and Coat 
  2. Bright Eyes 
  3. Supple Joints 
  4. Boundless Energy 
  5. Smooth Digestion

But don’t just take it from us…

With a 5 star rating on Trustpilot, listen to what our happy customers tell you for themselves.

  1. Silky Skin & Coat

Often one of the first benefits our cat owners notice is a glossy coat.

So if your cat suffers from patchy, itchy or dull fur…

Feline 40 could be a game-changer for your cat.

Just like it was for Jane’s:

Another owner got personally in touch. She wanted to thank us for the turn around in her cat’s coat: 

2. Brighter Eyes

Your cat’s eyes are how they see the world. 

But they’re also a looking glass into your cat’s health. 

Because dull eyes are one of the first warning signs of illness in cats. 

But with the health boost of Feline 40, many owners comment on the brightness of their cat’s eyes… 

Including Katherine…

3. Supple Joints

The sad truth is 80% of cats over 10 have arthritis. And millions more suffer joint pain everyday. 

That’s why easing joint pain is a top priority of Feline 40. 

And Dr. Lazaris insisted we include a rare Green Lipped Mussel from New Zealand…

A little-known superfood renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Its ability to soothe joints is unparalleled.  

And the proof is in the reviews. 

Here’s what Eva commented on the Your Pet Nutrition (YPN) website.

Eva R. 24/10/2021

I was told my cat would need surgery to help her joint pain. But I thought I would try Feline 40 first and it seems to be working wonders as she now only has a slight limp. Thank you!

4. Boundless Energy

Many owners come to us after noticing a dip in their cat’s energy, looking for a quick and easy boost. 

And Feline 40 doesn’t disappoint – just look what David said on Trustpilot:

One owner even video chatted us directly – his cat Sunny’s activity levels doubled with Feline 40! 

What’s more, with boundless energy, cats in the YPN family are gaining confidence by the day. 

Take Lola for example:

5. Healthy Digestion 

Your cat’s gut is at the centre of their health. 

And poor digestion is the source of many health problems – things like vomiting and bowel issues. 

That’s why Feline 40 contains an abundance of prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

They work together to streamline your cat’s digestion… 

So you can bid adieu to sloppy, foul-smelling poo.

Just like Edward, who commented on the YPN website:                     02/05/2022

“My two elderly cats are 16 years old and they had severe digestive problems (diarrhoea). But since using Feline 40, their stools are normal and do not smell disgusting any more. Feline 40 is amazing, I was sceptical at first but was willing to try anything to improve the quality of my two boys’ lives. I’m so happy that I did.”

With improved digestion, the likelihood of sickness and vomiting also plummets…

Something which Evelyn noticed almost immediately:

Got a fussy cat? 

Not a problem – even the fussiest cats love Feline 40! 

Because we’ve created an organic chicken flavour most cats can’t resist. 

Just take a look at this trust pilot review:

What’s more, despite the best results after long term use, many owners see almost immediate benefits from Feline 40…

As you can see, proper nutrition can do cats a world of good.

And Feline 40 is a great way to give your cat gets the nutrients they need to excel.

But the reviews above are just a drop in the ocean, there are hundreds more 5 star reviews for you to check out. Click HERE to visit Your Pet Nutrition’s 5-Star Trustpilot

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