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L-Theanine: A Secret Ingredient To Relax Your Dog

Does your dog suffer with separation anxiety? Do you struggle to encourage them to take a car journey without stress? Do they find it difficult to relax? < ...Read More »

Multi-Pet Households. Can They Work? You Bet!

Do you love dogs? Are you crazy about cats? Or are you part of a special group that can’t get enough of both? ‘The more the merrier’ is a turn of phrase ...Read More »

How To Manage Your Dog's Weight

Dogs used to be bred for working, pulling sleds in mines or hunting game. But times have changed.. And now more than ever dogs are a ‘man’s best friend’ - sitting at our side as companions rather than worke ...Read More »

How To Help Your Dog In The Summer Sun

They call these the “dog days” of summer. And is it just us or does this year seem extra hot to you? While all this summer sun can be an ...Read More »

Dog Collar or Harness - Are You Using The Wrong One?

It’s an exciting time to be a dog-owner. Today there are so many choices available for you to help them live an amazing life. Read More »