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The Most Fashionable Two-Legged Cat

Meet Cecily Cecily is a unique 5 year old Manx cat, who has captured the hearts of thousands with her inspiring story. This two-legged cat has f ...Read More »

How To Keep Your Dog Safe This Autumn

It’s the start of the autumn festive season… Which while being fun for humans, can be a tricky time for your dog.  Trick-or-treaters, ...Read More »

Meet The UK's First "Midwife Dog"

Meet Belle: A two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, trained to support her owner, Amee, through autism, OCD and anxiety.  Read More »

Real Reviews Of Feline 40 By UK Cat Owners

As a cat owner you've probably heard a lot about Feline 40. This revolutionary new formula is making waves throughout the feline community.  And here at Y ...Read More »

Canine Prime: See Real Reviews From UK Dog Owners

It’s been hard to miss all the talk about Canine Prime recently.  Perhaps you’ve seen something online, or been recommended by your vet or a friend.  Read More »