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Perdita: The World’s “Worst” Cat

Tucked away in North Carolina… A feline sensation is stirring up quite the storm.  Meet Perdita, officially crowned the "world's worst cat" by animal shelter officials.  Read More »

Holiday Time: How To Prep Your Pet For Spending Time Apart

Picture this: the sun is shining, the beach is calling… But all you can think about is having left your furry friend behind.  Well, worry not! Read More »

Corgis And Fairies: A Mysterious Tale

Corgis, the adorable short-legged pups, have been charming hearts for centuries. But did you know they also hold a special place in Welsh folklore? Known in Wa ...Read More »

Most Common Spring Plants Poisonous To Pets

Spring is finally here… Bringing its blooming flowers, vibrant hues and some much needed sunshine. But with it also come renewed dangers for our furry friends.  Read More »

Unravelling the Charm of Ginger Cats: 5 Fun Facts

Ginger cats have captured the hearts of pet lovers worldwide.  With their fiery fur and playful personalities… But did you know there’s some fascinati ...Read More »