Tucked away in North Carolina… A feline sensation is stirring up quite the storm. 

Meet Perdita, officially crowned the “world’s worst cat” by animal shelter officials. 

But here’s the twist—she wears that title like a badge of honour.

Perdita’s Journey

At first, the shelter staff thought Perdita was unwell because of her violent outbursts…

Especially when touched anywhere other than her forehead. 

However, the shelter’s vet found no illness or injuries — Perdita was just being herself.

Which made finding her “forever home” quite challenging…

That’s until the shelter staff created a Facebook page just for her. Hoping to help her find her new family. 

Despite her grumpy demeanour, Perdita won viral fame.

Getting over 10,000 likes and even her very own hashtag, #worldsworstcat.

Her Special Quirks

Described as a master of deception, Perdita’s behaviour is far from conventional. 

She enjoys lurking in dark corners…

And has a knack for “staring into your soul until you feel as if you may never be cheerful again”. 

Of course, she comes with very specific dislikes as well:

Disney movies, dogs, kittens, and even the colour pink.

Internet Stardom and Beyond

Perdita’s fame shows no signs of waning anytime soon. 

Even after she successfully found a new family to love her.

And with a new Instagram account chronicling her adventures, she’s set to continue captivating audiences worldwide. 

Despite her quirks, her new owners are self-proclaimed “crazy cat people” and adore her. 

Of course, she merely tolerates them.

A Happy Ending

Perdita now has a new name, Noel, and a new home… 

But she definitely has kept her trademark grumpy demeanour.

Settled into her new space, she enjoys roaming freely among her six feline companions.

And despite her reputation, she’s found her place among them. 

Proving that even the world’s “worst” cat deserves love and understanding.

With her story serving as a reminder that every pet deserves a chance at a loving home. 

So if you ever come across a grumpy feline like Perdita, remember:

There’s more to them than meets the eye.





Noel aka Perdita (@perditas_journey)