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How Probiotics Can Help Your Dog

You might have heard a lot about probiotics and their benefits on the human gut... But did you know they can be useful for dogs also? This video and post will take closer look at how probiotics work, some of the best probiotics for your dog, and ways you can add more of them to your ...Read More »

Understanding Your Dogs Bark And Communication Signals

Wouldn't it be great if we could figure out what are dogs re trying to say. It only takes a bit of training and dogs can understand us quite well... but can we be trained to understand dogs? If you have a dog and would like to understand what they are saying when they bark, groan or ...Read More »

How Chlorella Keeps A Dog Healthy

Chlorella is one of those superfoods that helps keep a dog healthy in multiple ways. One of Chlorella's main benefits for dogs is its ability to help a dog detox. Dogs are known for eating, chewing and sticking their mouths into everything they come across. In an increasingly pollute ...Read More »

How Old Is My Dog In Human Years?

Just multiply by 7... You might have heard you have to do something like that to work out your dogs age. It's a good place to start, but if you really what a more accurate age there is a better way to do it. Using a way includes the dogs weight. That's ...Read More »

Is It Safe For A Dog To Eat Eggs?

There are a number of healthy foods in the kitchen cupboard we can give to dogs. Eggs are one of them. If you find yourself with a few left over in your next dozen. Feel free to crack one open for your dog. Because not only can dogs eat eggs they are amazingly healthy for them. Read More »