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Do Dogs Sweat?

Running.. Jumping… Rolling Around… Everyday dogs do activities which would drench a human in sweat if we were to do them. But have you ever wondered if dogs sweat? ...Read More »

Why Are Some Dogs Always Hungry?

To wolf it down is a saying people with pets know all too well. There are certain dogs that will eat… and keep eating anything that you put in front of them, unt ...Read More »

Do Dogs See Colours?

If you’ve wondered how dogs see the world you're not alone. For years scientist have been trying to understand if dogs can see colours. And if they can see more or less than humans. Read More »

How To Help Avoid Inflammation In Dogs

It’s a shocking but little know fact - inflammation is a major reason behind many dog issues... The definition of Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint. Th ...Read More »

The Surprising Science Of Spirulina For Dogs

Spirulina is an ancient ingredient. A powerful property with potential to boost the health of dogs. But making sure you get the right quality and quantity of the miraculous molecule is important. That’s why we have ...Read More »