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Five Fascinating Facts About Dogs You’ve Never Heard

Dogs are amazing creatures… (you already know that.) Humans have been partnered with them since the dawn of time. They help us ...Read More »

Why Do Dogs Whine?

A dog's whining can be an uncomfortable sound to hear. If you have ever panicked at the sound of your dog whining you’re not alone. While there can be a mad dash to figure ...Read More »

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails

Professional poker players look for a thing called a “tell” when trying to figure out what the other players are thinking. If you want to TELL what a dog is thinking… look at their tail. ...Read More »

How To Stop An Out Of Control Dog Bark

Lion’s roar, sheep baa’ and dogs bark… And while it is natural that dogs also want to express themselves like we do from time to time, or may come in handy to scare off threats, an out of control bark ...Read More »