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Is It Safe For A Dog To Eat Eggs?

There are a number of healthy foods in the kitchen cupboard we can give to dogs. Eggs are one of them. If you find yourself with a few left over in your next dozen. Feel free to crack one open for your dog. Because not only can dogs eat eggs they are amazingly healthy for them. Read More »

Is My Dog Going Bald?

We recently got this question sent in from a reader of the YPN blog: The hair on my dog's ears is getting thinner each month.My cousins joke that the dog is going bald. Will his hair grow back?Read More »

Busting The Dog Bathing Myth

There’s one myth about dogs that doesn’t seem to go away. That’s the one about baths being bad for a dogs skin. Tracing the origins of it, it comes from a time when bat ...Read More »

Buying A Dog Crate & Bed

Sleep is an important indicator of good health for humans and dogs. For dogs a good rest helps both behaviour and energy. The right mattress and crate are quick ways to impro ...Read More »

Do Dogs Sweat?

Running.. Jumping… Rolling Around… Everyday dogs do activities which would drench a human in sweat if we were to do them. But have you ever wondered if dogs sweat? ...Read More »