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Why Does My Dog Chew Itself?

Ever caught a glimpse of your dog chewing on itself? The best way to think of it is like humans scratching an itch. But just like humans the itch could be caused by a deeper problem. Read More »

Are Dogs Ticklish?

Tickling for humans is the experience of having your senses and feelings rearranged. We have all “tickled” our dogs and seen them react with seeming joy. Rolling over onto their back and kicking their legs with n ...Read More »

8 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

It’s irresistible. A dog with fluffy, furry and fine hair is irresistible to touch. There is good evidence that a simple stroke of your pets coat can help release stress, m ...Read More »

The Big Benefits of Beef Liver For Dogs

Organ meats are often overlooked by both human and pet food manufacturers. Most meats we find at the store are muscle meats. That's because muscle meats like breast, thigh, s ...Read More »

Five Fascinating Facts About Dogs You’ve Never Heard

Dogs are amazing creatures… (you already know that.) Humans have been partnered with them since the dawn of time. They help us ...Read More »